Do you love to dance?  Do you want your friends to learn to dance and dance with you everyday? Do you want to learn to dance but your school do not have dance classes and dance period? 

If yes, then provoke your friends and school with its benefits. Make a long list of its benefits. Try to explain each of them in detail. 

Do you want to know some of its benefits? If yes, then read below! 

  1. Maintain weight and body shape: Weight is an important thing. It is important to maintain your body weight and shape otherwise you will be diagnosed with different diseases. Dance keeps your weight constant and improves your body shape because your movement in dance burn a lot of fat. 
  2. Healthy heart and lungs: Your heart and lungs play an important role in the transportation of oxygen. Dance keeps them from fatty substances and keeps them healthy by making them do their work at pace due to which they remain in practice of pumping and cleaning oxygen efficiently. 
  3. Brain: It keeps your brain healthy and rewires the neural pathway because you dance on songs and songs effect the brain’s pathways in different ways which give you ground to think and act differently. That’s why there are singing lessons in Dubai’s schools. You can even read different researches regarding “dance classes dubai” to know about impact of dance on nervous system. Dance improves cognitive skills and memory of a person because it is a muscular organ and it’s expanded because of movement and activity. 
  4. Stress: Humans are born to move. Their happiness lie in their movement. That’s the reason why dance is proven to lessen depression and stress. Dance releases happy hormones. It increases the levels of estrogen in body due to which dancers are able to manage their tensions and stress strongly. Besides this, it gives a person a ground to express himself or herself. And human are hungry to express themselves. This activity satisfies their hunger and make them satisfied person. 
  5. Culture: Dance teaches moral and cultural values a lot because each country has its own form of expression. Dance is the most expressive but the silent form to express their opinions in the most beautiful way which engraves in the heart of viewers who can analyze the step. 

So, these are few benefits of dance. Dance is the most heart-warming form of art that can make its place in every heart automatically with its softness and flexibility. So,  dance and let the world dance because humans are made to swing.