Power of attorney is a legal document which can be allotted for several purposes from the original owner known as Principal to someone else known as Agent. For this purpose there should a legal document duly signed by both parties to avoid future disputes and other discrepancies. This document will include all the clauses about do’s and dont’s for the agent. POA Dubai can be allotted to buy or sell, making decisions on other’s behalf, signing for someone else and for issues about land and legacy. It also has a particular time limit written on the document and can also be for life time in some cases but in Dubai a Power of attorney should be renewed after every two years in order to keep this as a legitimate document. In order to renew there is fee which the person has to pay.

In Dubai buying and selling properties is not for foreigners but at POA Dubai there are lawyers available who can do this for you by acting as the agent of power of attorney and you being the principal of that to cave your time while you are busy in other stuff. For this purpose you have to allot power of attorney to the lawyers. This allotment is quite easy and the best thing is that is can also be rescind very easily. To check the ways of allotment one can click here:

In Dubai there is an organization called as Public Notary which is responsible for verifying the documents. After that the embassy has to prove the documents in order to make them validate and applicable in Dubai.

If the grantor is available in Dubai it will make your application more strong and your POA will be ready in no time and if the grantor is exterior then the document will take time to become available for use and this time will be approximately two weeks or less.

In order to become legal your document must be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs UAE otherwise you can not use it as a legal binding contract. There are different kinds of POAs available and according to their nature different fees will be obliged to pay for it. Paying fee is the necessary part as without paying they will not issue the legally binding document.