Fujairah city is the capital of United Arab Emirates and is famous for its tourist attractions. It is best known for its beaches, Hajar mountains, deserts and the legendary Fujairah Fort. There are also many other places one should visit. Following are some of these:

Sheikh Zaid Mosque: It is a huge mosque covering the land equals to three football grounds and 32 thousand people can pray here at the same time.

Fujairah Fort: It is one of the oldest forts present in United Arab Emirates and now this weary building along with its surroundings are conserved as the heritage of UAE.

Fujairah Museum: It is present near the Fujairah Fort has a great collection of oldage weapons, coins and pottery. A must visit place it is.

Ain al-Madhab Hotspring: It is a real treat for someone who is feeling low and wants to boost up. This place is family oriented because it has separate pools for males and females so that everyone can enjoy without any hesitation.

Masafi: It is also a lace of natural springs but famous for its carpet market there.

Bull fighting: this fight came to UAE by the Purtagalis and is held during winter when sunlight is cooler so that families can enjoy.

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