Sports play an active role all around the world and they are a major part of Dubai’s culture. With all the modern sports facilities, Dubai offers world-class golf courses, tennis courts, and sports club to help people remain fit and healthy and bring out the best in them.

From watersports to parasailing, from kitesurfing to paddle-boarding sessions, Dubai is fully well-equipped with cool indoor and outdoor facilities to enable the visitors to enjoy the most popular sports in Dubai throughout the year.

There are several sports that are played in the UAE and in Dubai, let’s have a look at the top 7 sports that are famous among the folks.

1. Golf

Golf is also called the ‘game of riches’ which is considered as a modern sport in the UAE and Dubai. It’s played by hundreds and thousands of people every year. Dubai offers a number of golf courses and hosts many events such as PGA championship golf courses or Dubai Desert Classic where the world’s best golfers participate to compete with each other.

2. Camel Racing

Camel Racing is a popular sport that is enjoyed by all the denizens of the Gulf States. It is one of the traditional sports and forms an integral part of Dubai’s history. Every year, this sport is cheered on by a number of audiences who get pumped up while watching camels racing up to 40 km/h along the sandy tracks. 

3. Horse Racing

Just like camel racing, horse racing is also very popular among the people in UAE and Dubai. It is played more than camel racing because of its feasibility and popularity among many sports clubs.

4. Falconry

The enthusiasts participate in this popular sport with a fine variety of imported falcons from all around the world. It is almost as popular as camel and horse racing.

5. Tennis

Tennis is growing as a popular sport day after day in Dubai. There are many sports club and hotels that offer private tennis courts. The annual Dubai Tennis championships are hosted every year that gathers all the top tennis players across the world to participate in the competition. 

6. Rugby

Rugby is a famous sport particularly in Dubai as the city hosts 6 nations’ rugby tournaments every year in the month of November and December and several matches for people throughout the year.

7. Skiing

Skiing is a popular winter sport in Dubai. The Mall of Emirates and The Dubai Ice Rink inside the Dubai Mall is a playground for many beginners and experienced skiers who love to hit the slopes in the snow.