Choosing the right caterer from the long list of catering companies in Dubai can never be an easy task and instead it sounds and feels daunting more than you would expect it to. With so many confusing options out there, you finally end up picking the one which pleases you the most and yet there would be some things that you are bound to miss on the way. Here are a few things that every caterer wants their clients to be aware of:

  • Many people esteem the number of drinks to coordinate exactly with the number of guests attending because they are unaware of the fact that guests often drink more than expected. This is when you run short of drinks and caterers are named after this.
  • Just because your aunt is allergic to lactose and your friend’s mother can’t digest seafood doesn’t mean that entire menu have to be shifted or designed according to those couple of guests ignoring the hundreds. A good caterer can always make changes for those few guests while others get to enjoy the menu.
  • If you are arranging a party or an event in a park and expecting the caterer to bring hot food then you might be living in the oblivion because if an onsite kitchen isn’t available, it is nearly impossible for the caterer to manage food in such situation, so ask them before hand on how they plan to serve food without kitchen on site.
  • Planning your child’s birthday since months can be very exciting and in that time, your inspiration would be pinterest but what your caterers wants you to know is that pinterest should be used just for the inspirations and ideas, not for expecting caterer to produce the exact same dish.
  • If you expect quality then be ready to pay more because with quantity it is very hard to find quality as well. You can either have 2 high quality dishes or several dishes in low quality, choices is yours.
  • Ignoring the recommendation of caterers on hiring a set number of staff can really take a toll over you because no matter how many events you have planned, they have always managed more party catering in Dubai so take their advice and trust them because leaving mess behind is never a smart option.