It is a fact that maintaining a pool is not as much fun as swimming in it. But let’s be honest, if you will not clean it, there will come a time when you will be unable to swim in it. For maintaining your pool, you have to follow three C’s of pool care i.e. Cleaning, Circulation and Chemistry. Here are some simple rules you need to follow to keep a crystal clear look on your pool (considering it is a chlorinated pool).

You need test strips to keep the chemistry of your pool in check. Liquid Chlorine and Muriatic Acid are the two agents we use to keep the pH level of pool water ideal for human swimming. Just dip the test strip in water and see what color the strip turned into. Remember that the pH of water should not exceed from 7.2 to 7.8. Having value less than this will make water vulnerable to algal attack and having pH higher than 7.8 will become irritating to eyes.

You have to buy brush and a net like the ones used by landscaping companies in Dubai. Your pool is always on the verge of algae outbreak. The best way to prevent it is you should always brush the walls and floor of pool to make sure there is no green cloud. Keep the pool clean of any debris like leaves and dead insects and they may also add the possibility of algae invasion.

A robotic vacuum is a must thing for your pool, as it will help in the overall circulation of water also it will keep the surface of pool clean. A still water can allow algae and mold to grow. This robotic filter keeps the water in motion.

Change the water after some time. You should not be too greedy to keep on using the same water for quite a long time. Changing depends upon how frequently your pool is being used. For a public pool, it is necessary to change water every day because of the children urinating in water. But if you have pool in your home, you can extend the changing of water to as long as a week.

Keep in mind these are the basics of pool care. There are many aspects of maintaining and keeping your pool healthy. Getting an expert’s service is always recommended. If you are UAE based and looking for one, you can easily search for a swimming pool company in Dubai.