There are several things to consider before opting for military vehicles or armored vehicles because they carry a different purpose, unlike regular vehicles that provide only comfort and convenience to the people.

These armored vehicles have several benefits for people with a high profile such as a political member or military personnel that always have their lives at stake because they have to carry out similar responsibilities and duties to protect their people.

This is the reason why these armored vehicles are designed to provide full protection to them so they can have peace of mind while traveling from places to places to fulfill their responsibilities.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 things to know about armored vehicles to help people know about their importance and value in different situations.

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1. Unique features

Depending on the level of resistance, these armored cars are designed with unique features, unlike a normal car. These features provide maximum security to the people sitting inside them so they can use effective safety measures when exposed to explosives and bullets.

2. Ballistic steel

The body of these armored cars is prepared from ballistic steel which means that they are made from galvanized steel that prevents the car from rust and heat so they can achieve high-level resistance and resists any kind of ballistic attacks.

3. Gun ports

Some of the armored vehicles provide options like including hidden gun ports to assist the military personnel and armed officers in multiple circumstances. These gun ports enable the security officers to guard the people inside the car and keep the attackers away as much as possible.

4. Flat-tire system

Most people don’t know that armored vehicles come with a good flat-tire system. This allows the car to keep running at the required speed even if one of the tires is hit by a bullet shot or damaged in the worst-case scenario.

5. Bulletproof Glass

Another unique thing about these cars is that they contain bulletproof glass to resist any kind of gunshot. Even the windows and windshield of the car is covered with bulletproof glass to provide an extra level of security to the users.

6. Luxury Cars

Armored cars can also be termed as luxury cars as they aren’t easily available to people with non-commercial use. They are unique and expensive because they have admirable features and are used for a distinguished purpose.