The contractors and the consultants are trying their best to complete the ongoing Dubai projects 2020 and meet the challenges in a more positive manner.

Dubai is one of the amazing cities where diversity is celebrated and innovation is encouraged to increase more opportunities and open more doors for the people and the investors.

That’s why the concept of ‘Expo’ that is organized every five years is to share ideas and a global platform where all the collaborators and investors are encouraged to participate. The event usually lasts for six months.

For this purpose, we have come up with a list of 6 things to know about Dubai Expo 2020 to help you understand more about the concept.

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1. The first World Expo

The world’s first Expo that displayed more than 10,000 inventions and industrial works was held in 1851. It included many nations and exhibited great works of the industry from all of them.

2. Recent Expo

It was held in 2015 in Italy and displayed inventions that included energy-saving elevators and the use of solar trees.

3. Dubai Expo 2020

The future event that will take place soon in Dubai soon is the result of the resounding majority votes that led the victory to the city after years of hard work. That’s why the city is all ready to amaze the world with its upcoming projects that will be completed until 2020 to unlock a new level of achievements.

4. Location of the Expo site

The site is located close to Al-Maktoum International Airport and also known as Dubai South. Soon the Dubai Metro Route 2020 will carry more than 45,000 passengers in an hour to the Expo site while dropping them back in under 15 minutes to Dubai Marina.

5.  Expectations

The Expo 2020 will connect minds as the theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.’ People can expect sustainability, mobility, and opportunities from the Dubai Expo 2020 event.

6. Construction Progress

The progress was shown through a bird’s eye view. The video provided more insights about how the site is currently developing and managing the ongoing construction and how it will cater to more than 25 million visitors from all over the world. It also highlighted the view of Dubai Metro line and how it will carry all the passengers from one place to another.